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  1. How to Work

How to Work

B3F [Bikefit By Body Form]
: Speed Up, Pain Free

3-Way Stabilizion  
The B3F Seatpost includes an elastic rubber suspension that allows the saddle to move in 3-Way(X,Y,Z Axis) in react to the movement of the rider.

How to Work
: How B3F Works

The B3F Seatpost incorporates the Formega, a '3-Way Stabilization' technology, that allows the bike seat to move top-to-bottom and left-to-right together with the thigh and hip muscles, significantly reducing friction between the seat and the hip.

Existing Bike Seatposts and Saddles

The problem of fixed saddles

Bear in mind that our whole body exercise is in a dynamic motion and existing bike saddles are in relatively fixed position. The tragedy is riders may feel discomfort because the pelvic movement fight against to the saddle. Additionally riders sustain pain and discomfort due to the impact from the ground delivered to the pelvis directly.
This progress drops down power output because friction is increased by the inside thigh rubbing with the saddle. Also riders experience pain because pelvic bumps against to the fixed saddle while pedalling.

The problem of shock absorbing seatposts and saddles

Existing suspension seatposts are designed to absorb impact by declining the whole saddle position, meanwhile the damper also absorbs the power that supposed to be deliverd to the pedal.
Existing shock absorbing saddles work on the other way. They have an inflection point located at the front of the saddle which acts like a damper. The power absorption progress is the same as suspension seatpost.


When we walk, the width between our feet is narrow, while we step forward, our pelvis, knees and feet are aligned straight in the direction of gravity.
Regarding to cycling, our pelvis, knees, feet and pedals are not aligned in the direction of gravity, following up the stressful knees and the knee bends inside, resulting in knee pain and decline of power output.

B3F Seatpost

The birth of a perfect solution

The B3F Seatpost is equipped with Formega. The patented technology utilizes elastic rubber 'Formega' which enables bike saddle to move in triaxis (X,Y,Z) based on the center of the saddle. This patented technology solves all the power absorption problems caused by saddle.

B3F 3-Way  
* Although the gap between pedalling is huge, flexibility of Formega allows the saddle and pelvis to move together. This makes pelvis, knees, and feet aligned to the direction of gravity and increases power without injuries dreams come true.
* It provides extra safety to riders while cornering because it enables the movement of center of gravity naturally.

1. When the crank arm rotates from 12 o'clock position to 3 o'clock position.
Rotating from Pedalling 12 to 03   In terms of walk motion, the upper and lower body move forward simultaneously. Cycling on a bicycle is just like walking. When the foot position falls, the position of the hip bone moves from the rear of the saddle to the center of the saddle, resulting in the power transferring to the bike.
2. When the crank arm rotates from 3 o'clock position to 6 o'clock position.
Rotating from Pedalling 03 to 06   The pedalling power reaches the maximum output and this leads the whole body to move backwards which means the hip bone position will be sitting at the back of the saddle again. The saddle will follow body to tilt to right as the right foot pushes downward. When inner thigh muscles press right side saddle, the saddle rotates to right and this activity lower the friction between leg and saddle, which means less power reduction. B3f seatpost's inflection point is designed to prevent power absorbtion. The elasticity of Formga will be compressed with body weight to prepare significant rebound power.
3. When the crank arm rotates from 6 o'clock position to 9 o'clock position.
Rotating from Pedalling 06 to 09   AS the center of gravity moves to left side, the elasticity of Formega simultaneously transferring the rebound power from right side to left side. This is like punching with nudging which can save your energy and ease the muscle fatigue. Again the riders are relieved from saddle pain because the left pelvic is always stick with the saddle. On the other hand, the opposite side will repeat the same movement of first step.
4. When the crank arm rotates from 9 o'clock position to 12 o'clock position.
Rotating from Pedalling 09 to 12   The rider's weight naturally moves to left side due to the elasticity of Formega. The opposite side exercise will follow up step 2. The Pedal stroke will end up here and repeat again.

Benefit of B3F

Saddle and Pelvis Synchronization   Reduction of Shock  
Saddle and Pelvis Synchronization
Shock Reduction
Formega acts like a joint, allowing the saddle to exercise with the pelvis together. The saddle can also move in 3 dimension motion (X, Y, Z). Formega absorbs the vibrations and shocks from the rough pavement, minimizing pain and fatigue.
Bounding Pedaling   Pedalling Symmetrically  
Rebound Power
Pedalling Symmetrically
The rebound power comes from the combination of elasticity of Formega and triaxial movement of saddle helps to increase power output and speed up the bike. It also eases muscle fatigue. Formega will help you balance your center of gravity on your bicycle. Magically get rid of the disadvantages of asymmetry of leg length, asymmetry of the pelvis, imbalance of foot space, and X-legs or O-legs.
Cornering   Nose Down  
Safer Cornering
Nose Down
Because the bike seat follows the user's center of gravity, the lean angle can be minimized during cornering, making it safer (as it makes pedaling while cornering possible). Once rider brakes suddenly, the bike stops in a jiffy and the rider will be forced forward by inertia. The compression of Formega keeps the rider away from rollover accidents.